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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 25, 2015 2:00am-3:01am EDT

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se washington effectively they can make something happen. >> weird things happen, i remember when i led the conga line and did shots with watching keep it right here on lou dobbs on fox business. ♪ ♪ lou: could even come everyone, i am lou dobbs. what is beginning to look like this country's most corrupt political family tonight. new accusations of bill and hillary clinton exploiting the devastating earthquake of haiti to enrich themselves by ensuring lucrative contracts to rebuild the country clinton supporters and donors and friends. we take it up tonight with judith miller and former clinton adviser doug schoen. and also italian police have busted a an al qaeda terror cell plotting to attack the vatican.
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colonel ralph peters joins us to talk about the war on radical islamist terror and whether al qaeda is a voice threatening western civilization. and attorney general eric holder finally leading as mr. obama's attorney general and leaving behind view of accomplishments the and lots of self-congratulatory and bureaucratic aggrandizement the justice department posting a massive 28,000 word article about eric holder's time in office. and bishop e.w. jackson joins us to assess the performance of attorney general from an independent perspective. we begin with a closer look at how the extraordinary sums of money raised by the clinton foundation have been and are being spent. the foundation brought in a half billion dollars between 2009 and 2012 according to a review of the irs documents and the truly
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astounding legislation is that only 15% of all that money was spent upon actual programs. 25% of all of that money went for travel. for salary and benefits and the vast majority of the money raised was 60% $290 million going to what is classified by the foundation and its reports as other expenses. joining us now is fox news contributor judith miller. she is the author of the brand-new book "the story: a reporter's journey." we recommend it to you. also former clinton adviser doug schoen is with us. let's begin with you because of proximity, if you will.
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$500 million. that clinton spent. just about the same on travel as those in need. how do you defend such a thing? >> first you are talking about an ex-president and a former secretary of state. they fly on private airplanes. and the reason private planes, as you know, are pretty expensive and that is number one. number two, they have and will retain unique power. so for them to go meet with people and try to raise other funds is arguably an expenditure of worth undertaking. the number sounds high there is a logic and a rationale behind it. lou: the number that strikes me is that of a half billion dollars really. 75 million go to those in need.
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that seems eight clear-cut unequivocal case of corruption and. >> until we know what the other categories include, i don't think we can reach a definitive adjustment. >> a half billion dollars was sloppy and surely a secretary of state, well, they are operating under our laws. >> i said that they are a service to the world. >> yes you may say that but it's immaterial to the point that i'm making. >> i apologize. lou: no need to apologize. the fact is that it is a half billion dollars by two people that should know better and have a higher sense of duty to those putting that money forward. and you surely don't find this.
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>> i'm afraid i don't. having covered philanthropy for a few years i know that most philanthropies are careful about reporting this kind of money. and if there was some money that went to aid the poor and the needy in that slush fund of 60%. i am just assuming that it might as well be and normally one would want to account for it. i do notice that they are refiling five years the crucial fighters that we are talking about. and you know, the broader issue is that these are people that knew that they were being scrutinized, a woman knowing that she ran for president ever since she left as secretary of state, you would think that they would be more attentive to the nitty-gritty of accounting
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especially if the whole world will be looking at it. lou: continuing to return to the issue. and they have been seeking this upon winning the office that they cashed in. you can argue what you want about service to the world, but at $75 million this is a result of a half million. you and i have a vastly different idea of what duty and service and honor what it's all about. >> yes i think the travel budget is also something. >> 70 million out of this. that 70 million. >> i think it's related to helping people i've seen firsthand that the clintons came here and they were able to make a difference on leadership. so i have seen something different and until we know what the 220 other categories were at
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60% -- i don't think we can be definitive. >> let's take out the transfer of 20% of this country's uranium reserves under the uranium water. because of the donations directly to the clinton global initiative. >> i don't think that we know that. >> if you want to quibble over the cause -- >> yes we do, because we haven't established that. >> a million donated to the clinton global initiative over the course of three years amounting then to the take over of 100% of those assets and the u.s. government punched reset into the relationship and this is beyond awkward. i'm going to use the word again,
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it has every appearance of corruption. >> great intellect, iq experience, and i think great characteristics, they refuse to see with clear eyes that two public servants have chosen to ignore even the basic decency to avoid a conflict of interest. >> i would agree. >> have you back rationalized the conduct? >> if you would let me explain i would be happy to. i would believe that judy is right in her final comment. there is an absurdly bad appearance. the problem is i don't believe the state department is wrong, i
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think because of contributions. if anything in my experience, they have issued making decisions on the basis of donors but it is bad judgment to have taken the money,. >> this goes beyond that. lou: this goes to a restatement of the finances for five years for crying out loud. a failure to report the transaction. [talking over each other] lou: how can you extol the virtues of those that ignore the law, the regulations, and standards of decency and propriety? >> i have had a very good experience with bill clinton and hillary clinton. i think that bill clinton was a good president. lou: to do that in one terms were you in some way or butyrate
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at? >> very well so. lou: okay my enthusiasm is based on future gratitude and not passed brandish men's. lou: i don't know if to interpret it that way or not. lou: i'm joking with you. but you get the idea. >> i think that most troubling is the failure to report. and in terms of the inability to understand what was going on with this transaction. it was completely above board and no connection. which maybe it's part of this. >> apparently the clintons seem to be very russian in their outlook towards money. >> eight other agencies approve this as well. >> they have great
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responsibility of this. the president of the responsibility bears great responsibility. >> we agree. >> okay culpability is going to expand in all likelihood well beyond the clintons. and the fact of the matter is that what is clear now is they are up ability. we will see where the future leads. and i see it as a revelation as to who the clintons are. i think that they come up seriously wanting. >> yes,. >> thank you. >> there's much more to come on this weekend. bret baier is hosting the fox
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news reporting the tangled clinton web. and we have fox news special saturday just before "lou dobbs tonight." turning to the war on radical islamist terror, italian officials announcing the raid of a al qaeda linked terrorist cell that planned the did not carry out an attack on the vaticanvatican five years ago nine suspected terrorists were arrested and they are hunting nine others. nine were believed to be behind without a plot as well. a bombing in pakistan at a market or plays, none other than osama bin laden. we we're coming right back, stay with us. and coming up the saudi arabians bombing and the obama administration talking. colonel ralph peters on the combined effect of it all and bringing all of us earthbound
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creatures incredible cosmic images with the hubble space just
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because i'm away from my desk doesn't mean i'm not working. comcast business understands that. their wifi isn't just fast near the router. it's fast in the break room. fast in the conference room. fast in tom's office.
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fast in other tom's office. fast in the foyer [pronounced foy-yer] or is it foyer [pronounced foy-yay]? fast in the hallway. i feel like i've been here before. switch now and get the fastest wifi everywhere. comcast business. built for business. lou: a saudi led coalition continuing their assault on yemen, bombing military targets
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and airbase, used by the iranians backed to the militants in the western cities the port city of aden more than 500 civilians are estimated to have been killed in this month-long conflict, intelligence sources say that this has fallen into disarray and there appears to be no end to the fighting. diplomats from iran holding a third day of talks in vienna on the nuclear program ahead of the june 30 deadline at which point a deal must be reached, the senior nuclear negotiator says that the group is making slow but good progress negotiators trying to come up with a deal and also to come to a consensus including the timing and sanctions relief for iran, the talks are taking place against the backdrop now.
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and deepening concerns that the obama administration is desperate for a deal which will capitulatcapitulat e too much to iran's demands. vice president biden saying that they will ensure israel's security, the vice president pledging to help israel retain its military advantage in the middle east. >> next year we will deliver a fighter plane the only country in the middle east with a fifth generation aircraft. lou: the deal involves the purchase of 14 f-35 jets at $110 million apiece. joe biden trying to soften the obvious animosity between obama and benjamin netanyahu. and here now to talk about iran and israel linked to a vatican
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bomb plot, ralph peters fox news strategist, he is also a best-selling author who has published 31 bucks and he has a new one out a civil war novel coming out entitled "valley of the shadow." congratulations on your new book. let's talk about this broken up by the italian authorities, a plot against the vatican. what are your thoughts? >> my thought is that that should be the headline of the day but it's not. imagine if it is a christian plot to attack mecca. the headlines are not the we are approaching this, they are not even -- is not even that they are doing some sloppy bombing but that is the united states that has accidentally been fully killed hostages in the middle east. the bigotry, of the media it is
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on full display. you know, where is the outrage? and we hear that it is not about religion. if it's not, why would they want to attack the vatican? because they have aircraft and the aircraft has commandos attacking him? >> no, because they hate christians and jews, they are on a mission, they believe, to kill you until your viewers. >> those who have not paid attention to the word geauga is still operative in the context of the war on terror, colonel ralph peters makes a point. let me turn to iran and yemen again, again with all of the bluster and the bravado
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ayatollah, and all that ayatollah can muster, i mean they are going to be in the waters for several months, they have already moved toward the strait of hormuz to return to the base. what are your thoughts on that? >> the iranians are strategically brilliant and adapt. what they have done whether it's iraq or syria or yemen they have avoided a direct military confrontation with our military and instead they are going after clients. or they go after the allies such as saudi arabia and supporting the bashar al-assad regime, but they are very good of pushing right up to the brink of confrontation of the united states. they jerk us around.
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but all of that is relatively minor compared to what we see happening with the nuclear deal. president obama as you know well has a position of zero tolerance and now we are arguing about how many months it should take them and we see in the past two weeks, iran said no deal must all sanctions are lifted and obama capitulated and said that we can always snap it back. no, you can't. they say no inspections of the military facilities, the military facilities or where the key research is being done and by the way you agree to that. the iranians are really good negotiators and we are babes in the woods. >> let me suggest a counter possibility that the result is
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precisely what president obama and the other powers are seeking to achieve. these are not unintelligent people. it must be served as a purpose or they wouldn't be serving to the demands of iran without any of the facts of what is being expressed in that room. >> the obama administration is a classic illustration of why the iq is overrated. common sense, moral fiber backbone, vision those things matter. his iq may or may not be off the charts. when it comes to the real world fighting to the bone with iran and islamist terror and vladimir putin he is incompetent and he is willing to acknowledge the outright cowardice. he does a daily disservice to
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the country's security. >> colonel ralph peters, thank you for being here. the question tonight is would you describe a charitable organization that gives only 15% of the income to charity as corrupt? we would like to know what you think. cast your vote at and that nasa released a stunning 3-d image of a star cluster gas cloud in the constellation some 20,000 light-years from earth. this image was taken by the hubble space telescope and it was launched 25 years ago today. it has been nothing more than a treasure of extraordinary images and a brilliant look into the heart of the universe. no one expected the space telescope even work back then beyond 15 years. it has been repaired and the
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repairs have held up longer than anyone could imagine. and up next celebrating eric holder's term as attorney general and perhaps one would think that they are celebrating his exit. my commentary is next. and they claimed that they are stripped of their rights. some call them strippers, a group of exotic dancers took their graves to a superior court, landmark ruling and the result. we have that
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lou: a few thoughts on eric holder as he leaves his position as attorney general. the justice department releasing a nine minute to not video dubbing him the people's lawyer as well as posting a 28000 word chronicle. of the justice department's accomplishment under eric holder. it's amazing that they could
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accomplish anything spending that much time writing about whatever. stopping the plots and violent crimes, eric holder in a farewell address saying that the department has in his words been restored. >> i am confident in the work you have done that you have a foundation over the course of the next couple of years. fifty years from now and maybe even sooner people are going to look back at the work that you all did and say that this was another golden age. >> a golden age of controversy. marked by lytic cassation and overreach and surveillance of journalists to operate "fast and furious." and there are immigration laws in particular and holder
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claiming that we are a nation of cowards yet he was wrong on the issue of this nations courage on any issue. but perhaps his most notable accomplishment was becoming the only sitting cabinet member to be held in contempt of congress after refusing to turn over documents in the "fast and furious" scandal. finally loretta lynch becomes attorney general this coming monday. so we bid adios. but we cannot claim it's a fond farewell. prominent figures looking for the legacies and the very few that don't. i am not looking for a legacy
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and you'll never shut up the critics. when you are a catalyst for change you make enemies and i'm proud of the ones i've got. lou: coming up next come a man that is essentially a coward on race. we have bishop e.w. jackson with us. and a performance of don't stop ♪
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steve on eric holder in his farewell address proclaimed that the justice department has been restored and acting free of politicization. my guess tonight says that his tenure was racially dismissive and overtly political. joining us now is bishop e.w. jackson, staying true to america's national destiny. it's great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> listening to eric holder say goodbye to the justice department i thought that he made much of restoring the justice department. what do you make of that? >> i am surprised that he didn't
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have a broken arm to pat himself on the back. as usual they take credit for all of the things that they really haven't done and they take no responsibility for all of the negative things they have done or failed to do. as you mention, "fast and furious" is still an unsolved chapter in our countries history. but what about the refusal to prosecute the new book black party for intimidating voters saying that we are only hearing to prosecute white people that interfere with the voting rights of minority people and not the other way around. so he has a checkered his dream as attorney general to answer for. >> as attorney general upon saying that america is essentially a nation of cowards when it comes to the issue of race i expected after that even as annoying and infuriating as the statement was when he made it nothing really followed from that and there was nothing
2:38 am
positive or a national dialogue or the issues of race in this country. he turned out to be a coward on the very issue that he himself raised. what do you think? >> a coward is the guy in position of such power who doesn't address the thousands of young black people who died every year at the hands of other young black people who do not try to address the economic problems that are faced in a community that is beset by crime and businesses don't even want to operate their for the lack of educational motivation where the breakdown of the family. it's easy to tell the leftists that we have to solve it and then do nothing. but the hard work of helping people lift themselves up, he didn't have the summit of that. >> loretto lynch to be his successor as of monday, what do you make of her and you have
2:39 am
hopes that she will be more in to your liking and reach your expectations a matter. >> this is a wonderful country that we live in than a black woman is for the first time attorney general of the united states, i hope what she will do is go do what obama or eric holder dan go tell people what a wonderful nation that we have that anyone can make it if you're willing to work hard and apply yourself and then give people strategies and approaches for accomplishing the kinds of things that she has accomplished rather than telling people how unjust the country isn't telling them that there's no hope and forget about it. lou: bit bishop e.w. jackson it is so wonderful to have you. thank you for being with us. would you describe a chernobyl organization giving 50% of its money to charity as corrupt? we would like to hear from you
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vote online. a popular los angeles gentleman's club out over $6 million after losing a class-action loss utile by some of the employees. a court judge ruling in favor of 249 exotic dancers. that is a lot of dancers. they allege the owner is of the paradise show girls club were illegally garnishing wages and the strippers claim that they were forced to pay rental fees for private dances, the judge agreed that they ruled that they were club employees of rendering the rental fees illegal and returning to the ladies. coming up next, a front runner has decided to snub evangelicals in iowa. for handsome swedes come to new york for vacation. we will have that
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lou: on wall street another record day for stocks, the dow jones in 21-point, the nasdaq gained 36 from s&p up five points new all-time highs. volume on the big order
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3.3 billion shares. the dow and s&p up 1% nasdaq gaining more than 3% this week or in the wilshire 5000 measuring the week's gains at $400 billion. and a reminder to listen to my report three times a day on the salem radio network. turning to politics nine presidential hopefuls courting evangelicals in iowa this weekend. iowa the first republican nominating contest of the 2016 presidential campaign one alleged front-runner has decided to skip this weekend's events, correspondent mike tobin is in iowa tonight with our report. >> senator marco rubio setting foot in the hawkeye state of the first time since declaring candidacy. the announcement gave him a bump that put him on top of the pack. iowa presents the first of whether he can handle the pressure.
2:46 am
>> campaigns are going to have to go out campaigners are going to have to see it in the early states in action and some that don't make a decision. reporter: the latest numbers give him a one-point lead over scott walker who showed up in iowa earlier. going through conservative counties in northeast iowa. walker says that he is not declaring anything until the state budget and wisconsin is complete. >> i want you to know that we are going to be back here often. and we wouldn't want to be in a position where if we weren't to get in we would not be here for the caucus but for the whole hall the way through november of 2016. >> the faith and freedom have been putting him in a field of nine leading republicans giving them a chance to work the crowd along side mike huckabee. >> you can can't come in here and buy a bunch of television ads and hope that people will support you. they are used to meeting with candidates one-on-one. >> one top contender is florida
2:47 am
governor jeb bush. instead he is using that time for fundraising. >> chris christie also not attending. his wife stepped down from a half-million dollar per year job on wall street. another strong indicator that this could be coming soon am chris christie. discussion leaning heavily towards national defense. with new developments on the clinton camp demanding that they return all their foreign donations and discussion of the latest scandal should work its way to the front and center at this event. back to you. lou: mike tobin from iowa. in indiana a high school usable performance ended with a huge accident last night, a stage at this high school claps during a concert inspired by pop stars from the 80s. as you see there are 16 students that were injured when the stage gave way. the police say about two dozen
2:48 am
students were jumping up and down as you can see just before it collapsed, one student still in the hospital, everyone else has been treated and released mike pence is calling for an investigation and a group of swedish police officers vacationing in new york helped to avoid a potential tragedy this week and restore law and order, as you can see the scandinavian tourists were aboard a train when they had to break up a brawl, a vicious brawl aboard a newark city subway. onlookers claim it looks like a boy band that these guys were on their way to see a play when two men savagely attacked each other and the men were both arrested for assault when the nypd arrived. the police commissioner has reached out to the swedish cops to present them with a gift from the city of new york for their good deed. and a philadelphia man learned what could be that true meaning
2:49 am
of girl power this week, adopting this case camera idea there less than impressive biceps he was outshone by the woman seated just behind him. everyone laughing and grabbing the camera's attention. and there you are. and up next a shocking report reveals why democrats are pushing hard for amnesty before president obama leaves office. we take that up with matt schlapp@?
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♪i see trees of green♪ ♪red roses too♪ ♪i see them bloom♪ ♪for me and you♪ ♪and i think to myself♪ ♪what a wonderful world♪ ♪music♪ ♪i hear babies cry♪ ♪i watch them grow♪ ♪they'll learn much more♪ ♪than i'll ever know♪ ♪and i think to myself♪ ♪what a wonderful world♪ ♪music♪
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♪oh yeah♪ >> lou: a new report provides evidence the president's amnesty has always been about adding new democrats to the nationwide food rose. the department of justice attorney reports the task force on a new americans has begun sending letters to all 9 million green card holders urging them to become naturalized citizens before the 2016 election. think about this. 9 billion to be naturalized in the next year-and-a-half would equate to more than 10 years of normal and
2:54 am
naturalization all of it happening in just over one year. anybody have questions why amnesty is so important to this president of the party? >> former white house political director george of you bush a republican strategist, a thank you both for being here. your reaction? 9 million green card holders >> i am not surprised this is the way the president in the administration functions. it is very clear with unilateral action on an immigration reform to now see that they push forward in the last year and a half to get as many of these individuals to be naturalized.
2:55 am
lou: you know, who he is. why don't the republicans have a strategic political electoral response? >> the republicans i am not surprised but i could see why they could be surprised to be caught off guard but you have to think this president makes it very clear. when do immigrants become naturalized say overwhelmingly vote democrat they think politically and strategically to give help to their friend hillary clinton. >> we know what the democrats are doing. what in the hell are the republicans thinking? >> i feel there is too much duck and cover.
2:56 am
the obama executive overreach on land and climate change and everything needs to be fought not just in the courts but immigration overreach needs to be fought legislatively and republicans need to realize they have the ability to fund and they have taken this step back because they think the american people view would as a mistake and we need to realize this president put them in a position to cut off funding. >> one day exercise brinksmanship as in 2013 to shut down the government with no second or third act they don't know what to do after their reaction.
2:57 am
with the republican leaders what are they facing? >> with the immigration they have to have policies they would implement as well. with no longer works to say we are working on a consensus to get through congress. >> but they cannot get it through with obama in power and the democrat stonewalling they are stock some weeks ago with the approach that they put forward and it isn't going for it anywhere subaerial little republicans can do until we have a new republican president in 2016. neil: it is difficult on national television. in both tried is untrue but when your party doesn't have an idea in speaker boehner
2:58 am
says the clintons are great people as if it is a new development, why would you be surprised if the american people throughout their hands to say the hell with the republican party? and haven't got a clue what to do strategically or tactically? >> the change with the new members in congress has been dramatic we have voices like we haven't had before the second thing is the fact we could have 20 republican candidates, this is the best time for candidates who are more independent to pick those to make the difference in this process. you will have a voice like you never have before this is not as tired to walk away to be discouraged.
2:59 am
neil: they now represent small business and the chamber of commerce. >> you are talking about washington politics. there are governors out there plenty of republicans that are fighting for the cause. look at senator cruz or marco rubio. those to stand up for the republican and conservative movement. so republicans the voters have to save water by options teeeight -- lou: i get the feeling the american people will say the other choice is so plentiful i will take the next worst. >> but the republicans have a strong talent right now.
3:00 am
lou: i believe both of you. but i have to listen to the producer. website. >> victors in battle of little bighorn, welcome an outsider in. >> once they trusted him they would share things with him. >> he paints their port rats and get -- portraits and gets inside scoop on custer's last stance. >> she is convinced it worth millions but will anyone buy it. >> was he an artist or just someone who documented a side of history?


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